Young boy is called an idiot at the hair salon

"Barber mocks little boy – the kid's response is one you will not believe! Check the comments."


Little Jeremy has always been a quiet boy. He was so quiet that people sometimes considered him to be a bit slow. They even mocked him at times, but his late mother, who passed away when he was just six years old, taught him not to care about the opinion of other people.

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In fact, Jeremy loved how he was perceived by the people from his little town because he didn’t want to be asked questions or engage in small talks with anyone, so the fact that some ignored him and wouldn’t get near him wasn’t a bad thing.

One time, while at school, he was about to give a presentation in front of the entire class, but someone, he experienced stage fright and started to stutter all of a sudden. The story of this ‘incident’ spread around and people got even more certain that Jeremy was far from clever.

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He was raised by his grandparents, who tried to provide the best life for him, but even they couldn’t convince him to show his true character to the rest of the world.

One day, Jeremy and his grandma visited the local barber shop so that the boy could get a new hair cut. The barber always spoke bad of Jeremy and made fun of him. So, when he spotted him entering the shop, he started laughing right away because he wanted to tease Jeremy in front of the rest of the customers.

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Once at the shop, the barber started making all sorts of faces and once he was done cutting Jeremy’s hair, the barber asked the people who were at his shop to gather around Jeremy. He then told them that Jeremy was the most stupid young man in town and was ready to show that to them by playing a ‘game’ with Jeremy.

The barber then took a hundred dollar bill in one of his hands and two coins in his other hand and asked Jeremy to either get one or the other. Jeremy chose the coins. The barber and the rest of the customers started laughing.

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One of the customers got sorry for Jeremy and decided to follow him and explain to him that the $100 bill was much higher than the value of the coins. He spotted Jeremy getting himself ice-cream so he decided to approach.

The man told Jeremy that he should have chosen the $100 so that he could buy himself as many ice-creams as he wanted.

Jeremy then turned to the man and said he’s well aware that the coins were less worth than the $100 bill. So when asked why he still did what he did, Jeremy replied, “The moment I choose the bill, the game ends and I’m left with nothing.”

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