World’s longest surviving conjoined twins, Ronnie and Donnie, die at 68

It's been almost two years since the passing of the Galyon brothers. May they rest in peace.


A year ago, Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, the oldest conjoined twins died at 68.

When their parents learned they were expecting twins, they were over the moon. Little did they know, however, that their boys were not ordinary. When they were welcomed into the world on October 28, 1951, Ronnie and Donnie’s mom and dad were shocked to see their babies were conjoined.

Unfortunately, a surgery to separate them was way too risky, and the parents decided against it. Shortly after, their mom decided she didn’t want to take care of them and the two brothers were raised by their father, Wesly, and their stepmom, Marry.

Following their 63rd birthday, in 2014, Ronnie and Donnie were awarded the title oldest living conjoined twins by the Guinness World Record. With that, their dream came true, as they always wanted their names to be written in that book. “It’s what me and Donnie’s always dreamed about, and we hope to get the ring, because we’ve dreamed about getting this since we were kids,” Ronnie said in an interview back in 2014.

Unfortunately, the Galyon brothers died on July 4, 2020.

They never attended school and were the sole breadwinners in the family. They made their living performing at carnivals throughout the country. The brothers retired back in 1991 and lived together with their brother Jim after kind-hearted members of the community raised money and helped construct an addition to Jim’s house for them.

“They’ll live the rest of their days here comfortably,” Jim told Dayton Daily News in 2010, and explained how his brothers lived in a tiny apartment in the city before they moved in with him. “They’re definitely happier. They’re definitely more at peace.”

Ronnie and Donnie lived their lives to the fullest. They didn’t have any regrets and were happy with their brother and the little circle of friends they made throughout the years.

“We had fun when we were growing up,” Ronnie said, as per the Daily Mail. “We’ve had a nice life,” Donnie was reported to had added.

Rest in peace.