Woman Undergoes a Total of 9 Plastic Surgery Procedures In Order to Look Like Ivanka Trump

This 34-year-old technology analyst from Texas underwent hours of surgery and weeks of recovery.


With all those TV shows and popular magazines showing celebrities and their lavish lifestyle and looks, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that ordinary people dream of ever getting the same. 

However, most of us look up to our favorite actors, singers, and other public figures completely unaware that they have a bunch of stylists and other people taking care of their looks every single day. On top of that, they have lots of money and can afford expensive clothes and make-up.

Sarah Schmidt is a lovely young lady who wasn’t satisfied with her appearance. Or better said, she just wanted to look like someone famous, in her case, the oldest daughter of President Trump, Ivanka.  

In order to achieve Ivanka’s signature looks, Schmidt underwent total of 9 plastic surgeries. Sadly, most people agree that even after the weeks of healing she had to go through after the procedures, she doesn’t resemble her idol even a bit. 

Vanity Fair searched a bit further and reported how all of the surgeries were done by plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin A. Rose for free. Yes, Schmidt didn’t pay a dime for her new looks. 

If you wonder why would someone be so generous, it’s because Dr. Ross was convinced he can make anyone look like Ivanka, and Schmidt was up to the challenge as she wanted that really badly. So it turned into a win-win situation for both of them.

Although she looks different than before, many believe Schmidt didn’t got was she hoped for. She, on the other hand, looks happy and confident and is convinced she achieved her goal to the extent that she could be mistaken for Ivanka on the streets. 

Inside Edition shared the video of Schmidt’s transformation and most of the comments are not positive.

“Spent all that money and went through the surgeries but then ended up nothing like Ivanka,” one person wrote. 

“She does not look like anything like her 😬😬😬😬 ask for refund,” another added. 

What about you? Do you see the resemblance?