Teacher Is Moved to Tears After Students Pitch in to Replace His Stolen Shoes

These students' act of kindness had a profound effect on their favorite teacher.


Teachers probably have one of the hardest jobs, not to mention they are neither paid, nor respected enough, but still, seeing their students turn into respected citizens and members of the community knowing they had their share is sometimes enough. 

We have heard of many stories where teachers go above and beyond for their students. They take it personally and not only make sure to pass down knowledge to everyone in their classroom, but also make sure they teach the students valuable life lessons. 

One teacher in particular, named Trey Payne from the Logan Fontenelle Middle School, can say he did right job educating his students when it comes to practicing positive values and principles. 

Namely, he bought himself some expensive basketball shoes recently and was glad he did, but someone stole them from his classroom. He could barely afford to get them in the first place, so replacing them with another pair was practically impossible. 

His students knew how sad it all made Mr. Payne so they decided to surprise him. 

They gave him a gift bag and a card and asked him to read it aloud. It can be seen from the video taken by one of the students that Mr. Payne is in complete disbelief. He reads the card silently and then reaches to open the bag. 

As he pulls the paper out of the gift bag, he can see there is a box inside and says, “I hope this isn’t shoes guys…Oh my…are you serious?”

He then opens it and sees brand new shows. This made him cry tears of joy as he couldn’t believe what he students did for him. 

His reaction is as touching as the students’ act of kindness. 

Speaking to KETV ABC 7, Mr. Payne said: “It’s more than a pair of shoes. It’s about doing things to build everyone up around you. I try to show my kids this and I think the lesson has sunk in for many, in turn, reaffirming my purpose and my ideals.”

What do you think of what the students did for their favorite teacher?