Woman recalls the day her mother packed her bags and left her dad for good

"He always tells me that my gesture saved his life"


Young woman shares a story of her parents’ separation and how that affected her and her father’s life.

She starts her post by explaining that her mom and dad never really got along. At the time the woman was still a child, her mother decided to leave the home while her husband was at work. She packed all of her clothes and picked up all the furniture, the TV, and even the dishes. The girl clung to her mother’s arm, but she pushed her away and never looked back.

The girl, who was 10 at the time, found a way to call her dad at work to tell him what had happened. He was shocked and asked her who she was with. The girl answered that she was all by herself so her dad told her to lock the door and wait for him to get back home.

He couldn’t leave work right away, but the girl waited for him patiently, because unlike her mother, she knew that her dad would never abandon her.

Knowing that he would be heartbroken, the girl decided to make a sandwich for him from what she found in the fridge. It wasn’t much, but it was all she could do for him at the time.

When her dad came home, he was devastated by the sight of the empty place. But there, in the middle of the vacant room stood his daughter with a sandwich in her hand and a piece of paper which served as a plate.

The girl handed it to him and tried to look away because she wanted him to be able to let his tears roll down his face, the tears he was struggling to hold back.

He shared the sandwich with his girl and the two ate in silence knowing they still had one another.

The girl, who is now a woman, concluded her post writing that her dad still remembers the day she made him that sandwich, because he says that her gesture saved his life.