Woman puts her one-week-old baby up “for sale” for $3,900 so she can buy a new pair of boots

She had found a potential buyer and decided to trade her baby for the money at a coffee shop.


Luiza Gadzhieva, a mother of four from Russia, decided to sell her newborn baby on the black market. According to police reports, she allegedly told her sister that she wanted to get rid of the one-week-old baby daughter because she set eyes on a pair of boots she liked a lot and was planning to buy the footwear with the money.

She even posted an ad in which she explained that she was willing to sell her girl to a family willing to adopt her.

Mere minutes after putting up the ad, she started receiving messages from potential buyers. One person told her they were willing to pay a little over $3900 for the baby and she accepted it. Little did she know, however, that she would try to make a deal with law enforcement officers working under cover.

Lizia told the potential buyer that she would wait for him at one Moscow coffee shop. Once there, she handed the baby the moment she received the money without showing any sign of regret for her cruel action. After the police made sure the baby girl was in safe hands, they arrested Luiza.

This horrible mother was contacted by the anti-slavery group Alternativa shortly after she posted the ad and was warned that her baby could end up in the wrong hands, but she didn’t care and simply proceeded with her plan.

“We tried in every possible way to explain to her that bad, dangerous conditions awaited the child. We warned that the baby would be handed over to gypsies, but she was little interested in what would happen [to her daughter],” the group said.

“The height of cynicism was her correspondence with her sister, who knew about everything, and in which the child’s mother discussed what boots she will buy for herself after selling the baby,” the group’s spokesperson explained and added, “It is not known what would have happened to this child.”

What this mother did is beyond brutal and heartless. At least the baby is fine and didn’t end up in wrong hands.

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