Woman Puts Dad With Alzheimer’s On A One-Way Flight To Denver Claiming She’s ‘Done With Him’

Jerry Ellingsen was 80 years old when he showed up at the Denver airport with his dog and nothing else. He didn't know why he was there or where he lived.


Our parents are our strength. They do everything in their power to provide us with a nice life and a bright future. They would do anything for our happiness and our well-being so that when they get old and unable to take care of themselves we pay the favor back and make sure they age with dignity.

Unfortunately, we witness how hundreds of elderly people end up under the wing of the hospitals which are obliged to take them in when they have no place to stay.

The latest story we’ve heard broke our hearts. We simply can’t understand how people became so cruel and self-centered without feeling the urge to show love and consideration towards other humans, including their own parents.

Jerry Ellingsen, an 80-year-old man who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease was noticed wandering the Denver airport, unaware of why he was there, or where he was heading to. He was totally confused and unable to answer any of the questions the police asked him.

His condition was so severe that he couldn’t even remember any of his family members or relatives.

The police later learned that he lived with his brother and nephew in Southwest Florida who couldn’t take care of him any longer and decided to send him to his daughter Pamela’s place. However, she wasn’t happy with the idea and refused to take him in. She though he should stay with his estranged wife and put her own father on a one-way flight to Denver saying how she was “done with him.”

A text was sent to his wife, stating:

“My dad and Corky [the dog] will arrive on a flight in Denver tomorrow afternoon.”

The police eventually contacted both Pamela and Jerry’s ex wife but neither wanted to have anything with him so he ended up at a hospital.

Knowing how many people share Jerry’s faith makes our hearts sink.

“At the end of the day, this is our loved ones that we are talking about,”

said Doug Muir, who oversees behavior health at Porter Adventist Hospital where Jerry was admitted.

“So, as a society and community, we need to demand better outcomes.”

You can take a look at the whole story in the below video.