Dad sends 10-yr-old son to school with hidden tape recorder, can’t believe when he hears the recording

Dad sends 10-yr-old son to school with hidden tape recorder, can’t believe when he hears the recording


I believe every parent would do what it takes to see their children happy. We all want our kids to be raised in a friendly environment which will allow them to become good people. But what happens when those who are supposed to be their support and teach them wright from wrong, like their teachers, treat them with disrespect?

Have you ever wondered how would you react if you find out your kid has been bullied at school, not by the peers, but by their educators?

That is exactly what 10-year old Akian, who has autism, experienced.

Stuart Chaifetz, Akian’s father became suspicious of what was really going on at his son’s school after he was told Akian started showing violent behavior. This came as a surprise to the father who knew his son was a quiet and well-mannered young boy.

Not willing to accept those accusations, he did something that was later considered controversial by those who witnessed his action. Stuart placed a tape recorder in his son’s pocket eager to learn what was happening during lesson time and what triggered his son’s “violent” behavior.

What he heard after he played the recording left him in deep shock. He couldn’t believe his ears. What the poor boy had to put up with during those six hours spent at the educational facility broke this father’s heart.

The teacher could be heard treating Akian inappropriately, humiliating him in front of the whole class and calling him names such as “bastard.”

What the father did next was to upload the recording on YouTube so that everyone could see and listen what Akian had to endure. He hopes this will help raise awareness about bullying at schools and help in the fight against it.

While some people criticized Stuart for secretly recording the teacher, great majority of the people who heard his story believe he did the right thing for standing for his son.

According to the school superintendent, Dr. Maureen Reusche, those involved in the incident are no longer part of the Horace Mann School.

“I want to assure our parents that the individuals who are heard on the recording raising their voices and inappropriately addressing children no longer work in the district and have not since shortly after we received the copy of the recording,” she said.

Below is the video of the recording. Take a look at it and tell us how would you react if this was your kid. Do you think this father had the right to secretly film his son’s teacher?

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