A video posted on Twitter by a person that goes by the name @Mulaflare has gone viral these days after it showed a woman throwing a puppy on him.

The poor animal ended up on the ground and wouldn’t stop crying. The woman was acting in a strange and crazy manner and many believe she was under the influence.

Although the video starts after the confrontation which is taking place in broad daylight had already started, it’s obvious the man got attacked by the woman for no reason. He could be heard saying, “Let me get in my car,” but the woman, who is still not identified, refuses to do so and walks back and forth in a disoriented manner, speaking nonsense.


In another video of the same incident, the inner “Karen” of the woman pops up and she could be heard saying, “You’re black.” The man is in disbelief and asks her to repeat what she had just said, to what she says, “I said, you are black.” The man now gets really frustrated and says, “So what? So what if I’m f****** Black?” to what she replies, “So what if I’m f****** white?”

As he reminds her that she was the one who attacked him, he asks her whether the puppy she is holding very uncomfortably and with just one hand is hers, to which she goes completely mad and throws the poor animal at him.

The dog then rushed to the man as though she’s asking to be saved from the maniac.

The crazy woman then approaches once again and asks to take the dog back, but it’s a no, no for the man who knows the animal is definitely not safe with her. And as attacking him and yelling at him wasn’t enough, she goes on to accuse him of stealing the dog from her.

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The man took the dog with him and the sweet animal is now under his care. He even opened an Instagram account dedicated to the pup now named Movie which has over 204K followers.

A GoFundMe page was also set up and people are donating for Movie. So far, over $6,000 have been raised.

We are glad the poor animal didn’t suffer any serious injuries and is now around people who truly love her.