Mom felt weird 6 weeks after giving birth so went back to doctor and took ultrasound scan

How is this even possible?


Eliza Curby and her partner Ben had only been dating for three months when they received the news about Eliza’s pregnancy. Although it seemed a bit sudden and they felt pretty scared, the couple couldn’t be happier because they both dreamed of creating a family and having children.

They got ready for the big arrival and were eager to meet their first born child. Baby daughter Charlie was a happy and a healthy baby that brought joy into the life of her parents. Their days were filled with excitement and they were never bored.

However, just several weeks after giving birth, mommy Eliza started feeling odd. She knew something was wrong with her body but just couldn’t figure out what.

She shares their unusual love story with

“We fell pregnant with our first, Charlie, three months after we started dating!

Ben had always been super keen to become a father so we were over the moon at the thought of creating our own little family.

Needless to say the decision was taken out of his hands – I win!”

Being a mother meant the world to Eliza who believed her body was in the midst of something strange.


She was experiencing dizziness and was feeling exhausted most of the time. At one moment she though she could be pregnant again but Charlie was only six weeks old so she convinced herself that her state was due to all the commitments she had such as taking care of the baby and the house, and running errands.

However, she couldn’t help by ponder over the fact that she could be expecting another baby. She even shared her thoughts with Ben.

“I was exhausted trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a mum, but about a month after having Charlie though I felt really, super exhausted.

Everyone told me it was sleep deprivation catching up with me but I was not convinced – I remember looking at Ben and saying, ‘I think I’m pregnant.’

He just laughed.”

Charlie had already turned their life upside down, so having more children that soon seemed like the craziest thing ever.


But mothers’ instinct almost never fails them, and Eliza’s was telling her to buy some pregnancy tests in order to be able to learn what was really going on. And four tests later, her assumptions were confirmed. She is having another baby!

And if the couple thought this came as a surprise, wait until you see the shock on their faces when the doctor told them that there wasn’t one baby, but two. Yes, they were having twins.

She shared what happened in the doctor’s office that day with

“The technician seemed awkward and uncomfortable, before he finally said, ‘Look, it’s early days…. but…. I think there’s two.’

And it turns out there was!

I was so scared but secretly super excited – I think everyone has a secret desire for identical twins.”


The second pregnancy went as smoothly as the first one, and at 36 weeks, the baby boys were delivered without any complications.

Jack Antony Richard and Wolfe George Harry were born in perfect, healthy condition – Ben, Eliza and Charlie were thrilled to meet the newest editions to their family!


Having three children isn’t easy, especially when they are same age, but life is fun under the roof of this lovely family. The parents even started a blog they call “twingenuity” where they share fun stories of their every day life.


Both Ben and Eliza are beyond grateful for their big family. They are the perfect example that we can’t always plan things ahead because God often has other plans. We are happy for this couple and we wish them only the best.