Woman finds a cardboard box on the side of the road

This woman finds a cardboard box on the side of the road. When she opened it, her heart broke. Here's what she found inside.


Hearing stories of animals who are dumped like a piece of trash makes us extremely sad, but learning of all those people who help them and give them new lease on life restores our faith in humanity.

A passerby noticed a cardboard box on the side of the road. What attracted her attention was that the box was taped and there were holes on the top. As she approached closer, she heard noises coming out of it and that’s when she realized there were animals inside.

Upon further inspection, she spotted tiny puppies inside. They were very young and very skinny, so she called professional help.

When a volunteer from the Diasozo Animal Rescue arrived to the scene, she realized the little ones were on the verge of starvation so she took them to the organization’s shelter where they were provided with food and the much needed medical care.

The monster who left them behind took them away from their mother and left them to die. Had it not been for the passerby and the kind-hearted volunteer, they would likely die of starvation.

However, once at safe hands, they thrived.

The little ones became curious of their environment and started exploring it, showing their bubbly personalities.

Once they become strong enough, they would be put up for adoption, and we truly hope that each of them, nine in number, would find a loving home.

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