Why her controversial parenting technique is raising eyebrows

"I don't think other mums are bothered really. It's none of their business but they may raise their eyebrows."


Nowadays, breastfeeding is one of those topics that results with countless of debates. Depending on the people involved in the debates, the opinions regarding the breastfeeding differ. Some support it, some prefer bottles, and some are totally indifferent on people’s opinions regarding it.

The story that comes from the UK is about breastfeeding and the debate that resulted from the story itself. However, this is in no way a normal breastfeeding story, but a very controversial interview that was published in the British newspapers.

Miira Dawson is a mother of two kids. She loves them a lot, she is very protective towards them and she is parenting them in a very unusual way.

Miira’s interview was published in The Daily Mail. The mother, at the age of 36, has got a 5-year old daughter and 2-year old son. What is strange about the way she is parenting them is the breastfeeding. She plans to breastfeed them until they reach the age of 10. She says:

“I think it is a lovely thing for a baby to grow up and remember being breastfed, as not many people would be able to say this,” Miira says. “Plus, there are all of the health and IQ benefits.”

She also explains that the their bonding, i.e. the relationship between the older child and the mother, is going to be even stronger. The mother goes on by explaining that the relationship between them is healthy and normal.

“She’s never had a blanket or dummy (pacifier) so that is her equivalent,” Miira says. “I’m sure if I could detach my boob and just give it to her, she would be extremely happy.”

However, breastfeeding is not the only thing that’s unusual. The mother and the two kids sleep together in one bed. The son and the daughter are sleeping with their mother, while their father Jim is comfortable in another bed in another bedroom.

“Naturally I feel left out when it comes to the sleeping situation,” Jim laments. “I feel like it restricts mine and the children’s time together and it doesn’t give me the chance to do things that I would like to, such as reading bedtime stories.”

Experts’ opinion on extended breastfeeding

This story resulted with different opinions. Many are against that unusual parenting style, while some support the mother. Nevertheless, the scientific community has not found anything wrong regarding the extended breastfeeding.

Tightly connected to this issue is the publication of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). These experts say that the natural weaning age for humans is from 2 to 7 years-old.

They even go further. The experts say that the long breastfeeding process decrease the chances of breast cancer. What’s more, the experts say that the child who has been breastfed for longer period has better immunity against contracting illnesses.

Interesting! The majority of the people find Miira’s parenting style very strange and not ‘normal’. However, after reading the experts’ opinions, maybe that’s not that strange after all. What’s you opinion?