Waitress sees sixth grade boys enter the restaurant, is amazed at their manners and tidiness

They really made her day!


Boys will be boys is a phrase we use to describe the mischievous or childish behavior typical for young men, but do all boys out there misbehave? Luckily, the answer to this question is a big no, no.

Nicole Marie, who works as a waitress at the Red Dog Saloon in Milford, Michigan, one of the most popular places among the locals, has a cool story to share which fights the stereotype that young boys are troublesome.

Source: Aerial_strong/Instagram

She was in a middle of a long shift when seven sixth graders entered the place. She was very tired and when she saw the group of youngsters she knew it would be some extra work cleaning behind them.

As they waited for Nicole to serve them, they didn’t make much noise but waited patiently. She was a bit confused because she expected from them to speak loudly, as most of the young people who visit the place. But not only they weren’t obnoxious, they were very polite instead. Nicole then turned around to see if their parents were there, but she didn’t see any. Was it possible that these kids behaved so well without adult supervision? Well, it turned out it was.

Source: Red Dog Saloon/Facebook

They explained that they were on their own and were looking forward to this dinner for some time now. As she took their order, they all said please and thank you, and when one of the boys answered the phone, the rest told him to stop using it because it was rude.

Not only Nicole, but other customers noticed how well behaved the boys were so one of the people there offered to pay their bill. They gladly accepted and thanked the person and therefore left Nicole an extra big tip.

However, what impressed Nicole the most and made her share this story was the way the boys left their table before they left the restaurant. They stacked up their plates neatly so that it would be easy for Nicole pick everything up.

“Even grown adults (myself included) rarely leave the table this clean!” she wrote along with the photo of the table she shared.

A number of people who stumbled upon the post felt the urge to praise the group of boys.

Source: Nicole Marie/Facebook

We can surely say that stories like this restore our faith in future generations. Nicole, thank you for sharing this with us.