Little dog pulled from meat truck waits at the airport for her ‘human angel’

The little dog with three legs flew across the world and waited in the airport for her 'guardian angel' to show up.


Despite the pleas from animal lovers from all over the world, the dog meat trade in China and other countries is still going on. In fact, eating dog meat has long history in Chinese cuisine and it doesn’t look like they are willing to put a stop to this “tradition” any time soon.

The though of these noble creatures who only have love for humans ending up on someone’s plate is beyond devastating, so people like the kind volunteers at Slaughterhouse Survivors are doing all in their power to save as many dogs as possible. Little pup named Pearl is just one of the great number of dogs they gave a second chance at life to.

Source: The Dodo Adoption Day

When Pearl was taken from the meat truck, her skin was all covered in mange. This beauty that had only three legs was all scared and in such a poor state that her rescuers weren’t sure whether she would live or not. But she proved them she was a little fighter, and pulled through.

Luckily, two months after her rescue took place, sweet, Pearl was about to head to America and meet her foster family. Road Dogs and Rescue arranged her transportation.

Source: The Dodo Adoption Day

Once at the airport, Pearl was as eager to meet her humans as they were eager to embrace her. Leah, the foster mom, said how she and Pearl clicked from the start. Pearl also made a quick connection with the rest of the dogs under Leah’s care.

But as much as Pearl tried to be happy, it was obvious she had struggles moving around.

Source: The Dodo Adoption Day

After some time spent in foster care, Pearl got adopted by a veterinarian named Ashley. In a matter of days after this woman’s adoption application was accepted, a volunteer named Cheryl agreed to take Pearl from California to the east coast.

Leah was said she had to say goodbye to Pearl, but she knew she would be just great.

Pearl and the rest of her furry traveling companions loved the car trip.

Source: The Dodo Adoption Day

Once the dogs got to Allentown, PA, at Cheryl’s home, Ashley drove from New York to meet her new pet.

The moment Pearl and Ashley finally met was a very special one. Ashley was overly excited to be holding the new addition to her family in her arms. She knew the two would have lots of fun together.

Source: The Dodo Adoption Day

Pearl didn’t need much time to adjust in her new home. She and Ashley’s other dog, Janet, became best of friends.

Ashley is aware Pearl experiences difficulties because of her leg and hips so she’s planning to enroll the cute pup in rehab. Her plan is to make sure Pearl gets a prosthetic leg that would ease he life and her pain.

Source: The Dodo Adoption Day

Pearl’s story is truly incredible. She traveled the world to find her forever family and is finally living the life she always deserved.