Veteran uses his custom made wheelchair to plow snow off the sidewalks

What an awesome thing to do, thank you for your service.


Veteran Justin Anderson is not your ordinary neighbor. This man is one of the most selfless and most caring people you will ever meet. Despite the personal tragedies he had gone through, he still found a way to show his kindness to those who were there for him during his hardest of times.

Namely, Anderson served in Iraq where he lost his legs. His neighbors were there for him to help him overcome the pain and put his past behind. Today, he is moving around using a wheelchair which also serves as a snowplow. He custom-built it with a snow blade and inserted off-road-friendly wheels.


When snowstorms hit and everything is covered in snow, Anderson spends hours plowing it off the sidewalks thus making it easier for people to walk. He wants to keep the members of his community safe and all the people living nearby appreciate everything Anderson does for them.

Take a look at this incredible story in the video below and share it with your friends, you may inspire someone to make a good deed before Christmas.