Two young men watched elderly lady’s every move and offered their kindness when she needed it the most

The lady had no idea her neighbors were observing her.


Getting old doesn’t mean you don’t get to do many of the things you enjoyed back in the days. Many elderly know just the way how to have fun by going shopping all by themselves, eating healthy, visiting friends, and many more. This is true for those that are still vital besides their age such as this loving 93-year-old Alabama lady.

Although she is in her late 90s, she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She has loving neighbors who are there to lend her a helping hand when needed and is loved by everyone around. She wouldn’t trade her freedom for anything, and never considered moving into a nursing home. However, she can’t stop pondering the question of how safe it is for a woman her age to be living all alone in such a big place.

These thoughts are justified because we often hear of stories of elderly people being robbed by people who know there is no one else in the house except for the vulnerable old person. These people may not only steal their money, but their identity as well. And while she though no one was watching her, she was wrong.

Two young men from the neighborhood were observing this lady’s routine for quite some time, eagerly waiting to approach her.

Facebook/Rodney Smith Jr. 

Rodney Smith Jr. and his best friend, Terrence Stroy, had something in mind. But, if your first thought was they were intending to harm their neighbor, you can’t be more wrong. These lovely men did the most amazing thing ever; assisted a woman in need. Once they noticed her lawn mover, they didn’t hesitate a bit before they took their time and effort to mow the lawn.

“We did this sweet lady’s lawn today. She is 93, the neighbors told us that she been out their trying to cut her own lawn. Have no fear, raising men lawn care is going to make sure her lawn is done every two weeks! Making a difference in our community!”

Facebook/Raising Men Lawn Care Service Hunstville

The way they felt after they saw the joy into the lady’s eyes was a call for the boys to make helping elderly and single mothers their mission. This inspired them to start a multi-state lawncare business catering. What’s most, they do it for free.

They attend school, and besides being great students, everyone says they are the best friends one can ask for. They definitely have hearts of gold.

“I thought I needed to do something about it. That’s when I decided to cut lawns for the elderly, disabled and single mothers for free.”

Their generosity is recognized by the whole community and their ingenuity is inspiring many other young men to follow into their footsteps and be useful and productive community members. Keeping children off the streets by involving them into voluntary work makes Rodney and Terrence true visionaries. They teach the kids the true values of life, and that’s being there for those in need.

Many praise their actions and encourage them to continue doing what they are doing, saying: “I love what you are doing! Keep it up!! The world could use a lot more people just like you Rodney!” and another person adds: “You are touching more hearts then you know….Proud of You!”

Facebook/Raising Men Lawn Care Service Hunstville

Below is the whole story of how everything started and what are these guys’ future plans. Take a look and share it with friends. You may inspire someone to make a good deed today.