Baby puts on every facial expression there is while waking up

He’s just too adorable!


Growing up some 40 or more years ago, most of us have just a number of photos and maybe a couple of videos that our parents took of us. These memories are mostly from birthday celebrations, holidays, and graduations. Nowadays, however, with the smartphones and all the technology, we easily take a bunch of photos every single day, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise that our kids will have millions of photos of themselves while growing up.

Yes, parents tend to “immortalize” every little thing their kids do, and I guess that’s good. Just like this awesome dad who is taking lots of videos of his little boy Oliver.

The clips show different situations, many of which hilarious, just like the one captured in the video below.

The sweet bundle of joy is waking up and as he is trying to open his eyes, he puts on many different facial expressions. Going from grumpy to smiling, baby Oliver is stealing millions of hearts. Over 10 millions to be exact.

The daddy films Oliver and asks him if he had slept well, to what the little gay answers with the most adorable smile. He then changes the expression again, and puts the smile on one more time. “Give this baby an Oscar,” someone commented, while others agree that he’s so cute that they can’t stop watching him over and over again.

Take a look at the video below. Cute beyond words, don’t you agree?