Two young men run into a burning building to save a stranger

Thank you guys, you truly are superheroes!


How far would you go in order to help someone you have never met before? Two young men named Tre Jones and Marcus Harvey from Marion, Indiana, were willing to risk their own lives for that of a complete stranger.

It was on Father’s Day that they stumbled upon a burning house while taking a walk around the neighborhood. They saw all those people gathered around the place which was at that point all in flames.

Screaming could be heard coming from the house and people said how there was a man trapped inside, to what Tre replied, “So why are you all just standing there?”

The man in question was the house owner, 56-year-old Guy Tarlton, who had fallen asleep while making dinner.

Amidst all of what has been happening lately, a couple of super humans emerge!

Neither Tre nor Marcus had to think twice before they entered the burning home. “I kicked the door open and boom, and then fire and smoke started coming out,” Tre told Fox59. “When I heard his voice screaming, I just felt like I knew I could get him out. I didn’t know how far he was in the house. I knew I was in a better position than he was.”

The flames were huge and smoke was everywhere, so the two brave boys couldn’t see a thing in front of their eyes. Luckily, they felt the man on the ground and managed to pull him out of the house. Ambulance arrived just as Tarlton was taken out and according to reports, he is still in a critical condition.

“I wish him the best recovery, and I’m praying for his friends and family,” said Harvey. Tre added, “I don’t say I’m a superhero, but I’m human. I help when I can help.”

The whole community praised these young people for their courage. They did the unthinkable when they decided to risk their own lives for the sake of stranger’s.

Thank you guys, you truly are superheroes!