Dad teaches his Rottweilers new tricks, the cat joins in

More than 18.5 million people were left stunned by this cat's next move!


Dogs are pretty good at learning new tricks and obeying commands so watching them perform all the cool stuff they mastered can be a real treat to the eye. Cats on the other hand are not that obedient and would opt to spend their time sleeping instead of goofing around with their humans. And yes, cats don’t let anyone tell them what to do. But, not this particular feline who pretends to be a dog.

When this owner tells the dogs to roll over, the cat wants to be part of the game and to fit in the dogs’ crew so she does the same. Well, if the dogs can do it then why can’t she, right? After all, cats are way smarter than we assume. As for Didga, she isn’t only having fun obeying her owner’s commands, but she’s also proving wrong anyone who believes cats aren’t social creatures.

You can take a look at Didga in action in the video below. Oh, it looks as though the term “copy cat” has been invented to describe her 🙂