Two year old has the perfect response for cashier who questioned black doll

This little girl restores our faith in humanity!


Little children are the most pure minded humans. They are born to love everyone, but as time passes by, they are taught certain things, among which, sadly, racism. Those parents who don’t let their little ones judge anyone or form an opinion about someone based on their skin color are the ones creating a future of love and a world we all want to be part of.

However, there will always be those people who distinguish between black and white humans, and that is something we should all fight against because we are all equal and we have always been.

Little Sophia, who was two at the time her story went viral, had successfully completed her potty training and her mother told her she could get any toy she wants from Target. Sophia was over the moon and quickly headed to the toy section, picking a doctor doll.

Source: YouTube

But, as she and her mom, Brandi Benner, headed to the counter, the employee at the register was quick to notice that the doll Sophia had in her arms was black. She assumed they were buying it as a gift, and when Brandi said it was for her daughter, the woman asked why Sophia didn’t choose a doll that resembled her more, alluding to the doll’s skin color.

As smart and as quick-thing as she is, Sophia replied: “She looks just like me. We both are doctors. I’m a pretty girl, and she’s a pretty girl. See her lovely hair?”

Needless to say, Brandi was very proud of her girl. She knew at that moment that she is raising Sophia right.

We really hope the employee realized she was showing racist behavior. As for Sophia, she did a great job teaching that woman a lesson to remember. Check out the whole story in the video below.