Two-year-old has a tantrum and refuses to get off the ground – Dad handles the situation perfectly

She won't be trying that again any time soon!


Parenting isn’t easy, especially if you have a two-year-old that tends to change mood and throw tantrums every now and then. Yes, children this age are the hardest to handle because they are still very young to be able to control their emotions, yet old enough to get into an argument with their moms and dads over the things that aren’t done their way.


So, what is the best thing to do when your toddler won’t cooperate and turns into a little “monster?” Scientists say that talking does the job, but sometimes, that’s not really an option, especially when the child just won’t stop screaming and yelling and refuses to listen to what you are trying to say.

One dad found himself in such situation and the way he handled it brought him the award of “parent of the year” by the Internet community.


The story behind the girl’s behavior is yet not known, although we believe she wanted something but didn’t get it. She tried to get things her way by lying on the ground while her dad picked the bags from the car. She probably though her daddy would beg her to get off the ground and even fulfill her wish of getting whatever she wanted, but he had another plan.

Believe it or not, he took all the begs in one hand and then lifted her by her jacked with his other hand, playing cool. The mom witnessed the whole thing and put it on a tape. She wrote that their sweet girl weighted 37 pounds and was 3 feet tall. So, we guess one needs to be super strong to be able to carry that much weight with one hand.


The video of this dad handling the situation has been seen more than 3 million times. People not only love it, but many share similar stories of what they did when they found themselves in similar situations.

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