High school football player who collapsed on the field during training has died

Our thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved family.


15-year-old Jed Hoffman, a sophomore at Park City High School, Montana, was in the middle of football practice with his high-school football team when he suddenly suffered a seizure.

The coach for the Park City Panthers, Mark Rathbun, rushed to help and administered CPR. He also used an automated external defibrillator.

Jed was taken to the hospital where he spent a week at the Intensive Care Unit, but sadly, nothing could be done. The teen passed away and left his family and his friends mourn for his loss.

Source: GoFundMe

Superindentent Daniel Grabowska released a statement on the Park City Panthers website.

“One of the constants in life is that our youth are usually invincible. They get cuts, sprains, and broken bonesWe know that every once in a while an accident or mental illness will take a life much too early. But on Monday we shared with our secondary students that one of their own classmates, Jed Hoffman, would not recover from a medical incident that happened on the practice field the week before.

“Later that day, Jed, a fifteen year old sophomore at Park City Schools, died without being able to recovery from the incident.

Allison Shovar, a friend of Jed’s family set up a GoFundMe in order to help with the medical expenses and the funeral. She wrote, “In this moment, it’s difficult to find the right ways to articulate how we can both grieve alongside the Hoffman family while still support and care for them as they grieve the loss of their son. You can still give financially to help support them through this tragedy. But overall, please continue to pray for Kevin, Gayle, Abby, and the Hoffman family.”

In order to honor their classmate and friend, the Park City Panthers’ players hung Jed’s jersey on the goalpost during the warm up before the Saturday’s game.

We are so very sorry that such a young life was lost. May he rest in peace.

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