Two puppies fall into pit with a cobra – 48 hours later animal heroes are shocked

Two puppies fell into a pit with a cobra, but then something incredible happened.


What we believe distinguishes humans from animals is our ability of complex reasoning, the use of language, and the ability to feel and express different emotions, and although this is true, animals are in fact able to experience many emotions too. This has been proven to be accurate many times, and this story which comes from Punjabi, India, is yet another example of that.

India is known as a country with a huge number of stay dogs and they seem to be unable to resolve this issue.

Source: YouTube

One day, two stray puppies wondered off and lost their mother. Unfortunately, they fell into a deep pit and were unable to get out. There, in the pit, was a huge king cobra. This sounded trouble because everyone believed that the snake would kill the puppies, but to the surprise of many, the opposite happened. The cobra stayed by the puppies side making sure they don’t end up to the more dangerous part of the well.

The puppies stayed at the same spot for 48 hours before someone came to their rescue.

The rescuers were afraid that the cobra could hurt the doggies when they would try to take them out, but once the cobra spotted the humans, it just moved politely, making a way for them to do their job.

Source: YouTube

This stunned many and showed everyone that day that animals do have the ability to stand for one another when needed.

For more on the story go to the video below.

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