Two cute twin boys go right to bed when their mom tells them to

The video of these incredibly cute twins has been seen over 127 million times.


Unless you are a parent or you have babysat, you don’t have any idea how hard and demanding it is to put your kids to bed when they are still full of energy and sleeping is the least thing on their mind.

Well, it seems like there are also parents whose kids don’t fight and argue when it’s a bed time.

Kristine is a mom of two incredibly cute twin boys named Chris and Zac. Believe it or not, these two are so well-behaved that their mom only needs to tell them to go to bed once in order for them to actually do it.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

In the video below, that Kristine took for her family, the twins could be seen siting in the hallway and wearing their pajamas. They also have their sippy cups with them. In one moment, Kristine says, “Go to bed! Go to bed, hurry!” and the boys run towards their room, climb on their cribs, and hop in.

When she shared the video on her YouTube channel, Kristine wrote: “I took this video for family who lives far away, so they could see how the kids were growing and becoming pretty athletic at a young age. We never taught them to do this. One day I told the Zac & Chris, identical twin brothers, to go to bed and they did it! They just ran to bed and hopped in! I was shocked, and now they do it on a regular basis. This is their favorite part of the day, when they get to parkour themselves into their beds together and see who makes it in first.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Once they are all settled, Chris and Zac say “night night!”

Although comments are turned off, there were probably people who were a bit worried about the climbing part and the tents, or maybe Kristine just wanted to clarify things herself, so she wrote: “The crib tents are to keep them safe if they wake up while we are sleeping, because they tend to silently climb out and try to go in places that could be dangerous for them, and they help to keep bugs out of the cribs, just in case. They are also fire retardant, just in case anyone was worried :). and yes…we brush their teeth after they fall asleep–a fabulous recommendation by our dentist!”

Source: YouTube Screenshot

You can take a look at these two cutie pies in the video below, and if you want to check more of the family, visit their channel.