Trophy hunters pose next to a dead lion, few moments later karma strikes back

Karma well served!


Most people find killing of innocent animals repellent. There are also those, however, who enjoy hunting and pay huge amounts of money to slay gorgeous animals like lions, elephants, and rhinos. These people find hunting entertaining and it is estimated that American trophy hunters import over 126,000 wildlife trophies per year on average from overseas, according to The Humane Society of the United States.

Back in 2015, one specific killing caused rage at people from all over the world, that of Cecil the lion who died at the hands of Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer. The incident took place in Zimbabwe and although Palmer had a hunting permit given by the government, which took big sum of money from him, it was reported how he first wounded the animal with a bow and arrow and “finished the job” the following day, which meant Cecil suffered. The loss of Cecil, who was much loved by many, “resulted in international media attention, caused outrage among animal conservationists, criticism by politicians and celebrities and a strong negative response against Palmer.”


This incident, however, didn’t stop other hunters from killing different animals, some of which on the list of endangered species.

The sad thing is that the rest of us aren’t really doing anything to stop this, except for feeling sorry for the creatures who lost their lives.

A lion from the video below is taking things into his own paws after his friend was killed by trophy hunters. As the killers are getting ready to take a photo with their trophy another lion comes from behind and starts chasing them. In the next moment, we see the lion getting back so we assume he didn’t hurt the killers, but at least he scared them to death.

People are commenting how “karma strikes back” and that “they got what they deserved.”

Take a look at the video below and share it with animal lovers.