8-year-old boy learns how to drive from watching YouTube videos – Takes his younger sister to McDonald’s

He was waiting for the right time to embark on his little adventure.


Something completely out of the ordinary took place a few years back in Ohio. One 8-year-old boy who loved spending time watching How to Do It YouTube videos decided he could drive his 4-year-old sister to McDonald’s to grab some cheeseburgers.

He was waiting for the right time to embark on his little adventure and got inside the car while his mom and dad took naps.


Plenty of people witnessed the unusual sight, but it was the McDonald’s employees who called the police. When the little boy who was behind the wheel handed in his piggy bank trying to pay for the food, the cashiers were convinced it was some sort of prank and waited for the adults to get out of the vehicle, but when that didn’t happen, they knew they had to alert the authorities.

Patrolman Jacob Koehler told the Times that the boy drove around a mile and a half and “obeyed all traffic laws.” Further, the officer said that the young driver “didn’t hit a single thing on the way there. It was unreal!”

No charges were filed and the kids were treated the cheeseburgers they ordered.