Toddler Has Major Vision Issues, Then Gets Special Glasses

Watch the tearful moment the sweet little baby gets his new glasses and sees his parents' faces clearly for the very first time.


Christian is a toddler who will remind you to love yourself the way you are. His reaction of getting special glasses that would help him better see everything that surrounds him will make your day and melt your heart.

Witnessing stories like that of sweet baby Christian we understand how truly blessed we are having been given all those abilities that we take for granted, such as seeing and hearing.

Thankfully, the medicine is a field that shows enormous progress regarding the treatment of number of illnesses and conditions among which severe visual impairments, something Christian struggles with.

When Christian was born, he resembled a perfectly healthy child and it wasn’t until he turned three moths old that his parents realized his vision wasn’t perfect.

He had difficulties making eye contact, something babies are capable of doing once reaching three months old. So, after consulting with an eye specialist, it was determined Christian was born with a major visual impairment as his vision didn’t develop properly while in his mommy’s womb.

Luckily, it wasn’t something that couldn’t be fixed with a pair of fine baby glasses. Unlike those we wear, Christian’s were made of soft plastic so they won’t cause him any inconvenience. But, despite that fact, trying them on wasn’t easy as he refused anything to be put on his face. Well, nothing uncommon for babies and toddlers, right?

However, the moment he realized what that strange thing in his mommy’s hands could do, his crying and refusal were replaced with the sweetest smile ever.

Getting puzzled, but pleased at the same time, Christian could finally clearly see how his parents looked like. And as every object around him came into focus, he couldn’t take that sweet smile off his tiny face.

“Hi munchkin!” was the first thing his mommy said as he was looking all around the place.

This has to be the best feeling ever, don’t you think so?

His parents couldn’t contain their happiness either as they both started shedding tears of joy. Knowing their little one could now see was the best thing they’ve ever experienced.

As his dad asked him, “Hi, you like them, huh?” it looked like Christian nodded his head in approval, although he had no idea what his daddy was saying.

After Christian’s initial reaction of seeing clearly for the first time ever, his mom and dad couldn’t wait to see how he would react seeing the outdoors, the flowers, the threes, and all the beauties this world has to offer.

This video is more than enough to make not only your day, but your whole week. It’s so cute and touching that you may need to grab your tissues before proceeding to the video below.