Toddler embraces stranger when he notices they have something in common

My heart could burst watching this.


The need to be around other people and share our emotions with those who we believe are similar to us is what makes us human beings. The connections we make during our life time define us and speak a lot about us as individuals.

A woman from Orlando experienced the most heartwarming encounter in her life. An adorable young boy approached her and felt the need to treat her with a hug. Why? Because he believed they were the same.

“The Lucky Pin Project” is a non profit organization that enables meet-ups for people with limb differences. The emotional moment took place during one of the events they hosted, where lovely Joseph Tidd was with his parents.

As he was making everyone around smile with the sweet “good-byes” he was sharing around, the 1-year-old boy’s attention was captured by the 34-year-old Amy Siesel, from Mexico.

Why this young mom was so appealing for Joseph is because she had an undeveloped right arm which was a result of a side effect of the medicine her mother was taking while she was pregnant with her. Lovely Joseph was missing his left arm, so seeing someone with the same birth defect made him come closer.

Amy greeted her new pal in the cutest way possible, by rising her arm for a fist bump.

Everyone around agreed how amazing it was for the boy to feel the connection with someone similar to him. It was as though he knew Amy for a long time. This kind soul felt the need to give Amy a hug. She was overwhelmed with emotions and couldn’t believe how deep this simple gesture affected her.

This meeting was something both of them needed badly. Amy was pleased to show the boy that he wasn’t alone and that’s something his parents appreciated very much.

As she was holding Joseph in her arms, their affected limbs were touching as though they were doing fist bumps. The reason behind Joseph’s undeveloped arm was a condition that prevented it from getting fully developed while he was still in his mommy’s womb.

However, Joseph is very lucky to have caring parents like Colleen and Miles who do all in their power to make him feel accepted. They want to teach him that not having an arm doesn’t make him less worth or any different than the rest of the world. That is why they support initiatives like the one organized by “Lucky Fin Project.” It’s a great way for their son to get to bond with people, many of which have the same condition as him.

This encounter is something you don’t want to miss.