Tiny cat found in dumpster is as rare as a unicorn

After saving this poor kitty from a dumpster, rescuer finds out this cat is actually a rare treasure.


Abandoning animals is something we witness way too often. It is truly sad that some owners are so cruel that they would simply leave an animal behind instead of taking care of it and providing it with a good life.

A woman was passing by a dumpster when she heard strange noises coming out of it. She took her time to stop and that’s when she realized the sound was in fact meowing. Once she took a look inside, she spotted a tiny kitten.

Sadly, the little one had a broken front paw and its back paw suffered from gangrene. The woman decided to take the kitten, whom she named Martyr, with her.


She fostered animals before so she believed Martyr was exceptionally lucky to end in her hands. But what she didn’t know at the time was that the cat was a unique one.

Sadly, Martyr lost the back paw but doctors helped the other one heal.

Being a calico cat, with a tri-color coat usually 25% to 75% white with large orange and black patches, everyone was convinced Martyr was female, and that’s because most calico cats are. However, Martyr was an exception. Being a male calico makes 1 in 3000.


This is due to the X chromosome within cats, which helps display orange and black fur in them. 

In female cats, due to the double X chromosomes they have, they get the colors typical for calico cats.

In order for a male cat to turn out calico, they must actually carry two X chromosomes in addition to a Y chromosome. 

This is why Martyr is so special.


This beautiful animal became an internet sensation once his new owner’s niece shared his story along with his photos online.

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