Tiniest orphaned kitten melts millions of hearts ‘asking’ dog to be her mama

The kitten had nowhere else to turn, so she begged the dog to adopt her.


It’s a common belief that cats and dogs are sworn enemies. Well, that is not far from the truth. Canines and felines don’t really like each other, but thankfully, that’s not always the case.

A woman named Lucie and her dog Toast were taking a walk near their home when they noticed a tiny kitten running towards them. The little one wasn’t afraid of Toast. On the contrary, it came closer and started meowing at Toast.

Source: YouTube/ The Dodo

Lucie assumed that the kitten’s mother was somewhere near and decided to take Toast home as she didn’t want the kitten’s mom to get afraid of him in case she was somewhere near. However, as the two walked backed home, they saw the tiny helpless creature following them. Lucie then spent some time outside hoping the mother would show up, but as that didn’t happen, she knew the sweet baby belonged with them. She wasn’t sure whether Toast would accept the kitten, but the dog’s motherly instincts kicked in and she became more than a mother to the stray canine that now had a home.

The following day, Lucie put some food in Toast’s bowl, but instead of starting eating right away, Toast let the kitten try the food first. It was a heartwarming sight which melted Lucie’s heart.

Source: YouTube/ The Dodo

Who could have thought that the bond between the dog and the cat could grow so strong?

Toast now lets the baby cat sleep on top of her and keeps her warm between her legs and belly. She also licks her new baby and helps it get into high places and furniture.

When the kitten tries getting down the stairs, Toast becomes extra protective and makes sure it doesn’t fall or hurt itself. The same goes when the kitten gets near the pool.

Source: YouTube/ The Dodo

Toast just became an adorably anxious mother towards the cat.

“I’ve always felt that animals are super instinctive and nature is well done,” Lucie told The Dodo. “Toast especially, she’s so human that she really just works on emotions,” she added. “She has very strong instincts. She’s like a human being.”

Source: YouTube/ The Dodo

Watching them together is pure joy! For more on this beautiful story go to the video below and make sure you SHARE it with your family and friends on Facebook!

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