Tim Tebow’s Mom Shares Incredible Moment She Refused Doctor’s Order to Abort Her Son

One mom's story can impact millions.


“Bringing Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need” is what the famous athlete Tim Tebow lives by. His deeds are kind, generous, and inspire others to become better people. Because of individuals like him, this world becomes a better place. The foundation he set up back in 2010 is there to “serve children and share God’s love…by fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

He practices his faith every single day and believes he owes his success to God.

Tim’s parents were missionaries and they were the ones who brought Christianity and the trust in God close to his heart. He has been a devoted believer ever since he was a young boy. In fact, his mother and father say how Tim was a “miracle baby” because he got into this world despite the doctors’ insistence that his mom Pam Tebow had to terminate the pregnancy.

Doctors’ warnings came after Pam, who was 37 at the time, was diagnosed with amoebic dysentery for which she had to take strong medications. They feared how it could have a deteriorating effect on the unborn child. However, Robert Tebow, Tim’s father, had seen so many abortions in the Philippines that it affected him a great deal. He was feeling grief and sadness, and he prayed to God to give him a son whom he would name Timothy and who would spread the word of God. So when they learned Pam was pregnant, they decided to ignore doctors’ warnings and keep the baby. They asked God for things to turn right during the whole time, and he gave them “the miracle baby” in return for their strong faith.

“We didn’t really have to make a decision at that time,” she said during an interview with Focus on the Family. “We had made it years previous because we were determined to trust the Lord with the children that He would give us. And if God called me to give up my life, then He would take care of my family.”

Although he was a bit malnourished at birth, Tim soon became a healthy baby. Eventually, he turned into one of the most significant philanthropists of our time who makes a difference into many children’s’ lives.

Pam is a proud mother who knows her loving son is on the right path. She now shares their story in hopes of inspiring women to choose life for their unborn babies. Recently, she was a guest at the fundraising event New Beginnings Mercy House in Monroe, Michigan — a Christian crisis pregnancy center and spoke of the importance of supporting these kinds of centers.

The center’s website states,

“We must show the women the love of Christ by offering a loving home and practical support in every aspect of their needs during this time of crisis.”

Only in 2018, this center helped the birth of around 50 to 75 babies, and the number in these first months of 2019 is 18.

“It takes a lot of faith to stand for life today,” Pam said, according to Monroe News. “Abortion is everywhere and affects everyone. You’re exercising that big-faith muscle when you support this ministry.”

She then spoke about God and how he was merciful to her family, giving them Tim in their life despite the circumstances of his birth.

“He gives us so many opportunities to invest in heavenly things. We need to invest in pro-life organizations mainly because they save lives and invest in women and moms,” Pam said. “And we get a blessing, too.”

If the Tebows accepted the doctors’ advice some 31 years ago, the world wouldn’t have Tim, and we all know how much he has done and is still doing for those in need of help.

She said, “We need to stand up for these special kids — they are a gift from the Lord.”

Pam’s new book, “Ripple Effects” is set to be released on May 7, 2019.