This is Why You Should Never Just Throw Away a Boarding Pass

This is terrifying.


Traveling by plane is quick and convenient, and making a reservation has never been easier. All you need is Internet access. The airlines are doing their best to facilitate the boarding process and avoid the crowds by making the checking as simple and as fast as possible. 

This is why they introduced the QR codes on the passengers’ paper and their e-tickets. This allows customers to have quick access to their scheduled flights and do changes with just a click of a button. 

But, no matter how great this all sounds, people should also be aware of the hidden dangers, like becoming a potential victim of cyber criminals.

If you wonder how is that even possible, let us explain it to you. If you just throw your paper which has the QR code on it, it may lead criminals to valuable information about you, such as your name and surname, flight number and seat, and frequent flier info.

Now, if this doesn’t sound like a big deal, wait until you see how these information may be used against you. It turns out that having your QR code will allow the criminals to log-in as you on most of the airline websites and learn of your future flights. They can change or cancel your reservations and gain access to your credit card information. This really is something to be worried about. 

Cyber criminals use different apps such as barcode scanners that help them learn everything about you. They simply scan your QR code and it reveals personal information of the paper owner. 

These code scanning apps were created for the sake of the passengers, allowing them easy and quick info to their reservations, but hackers made most of them and use them for theft. 

Never reveal your QR to anyone, and don’t just throw it away.

You never know who’s watching over your actions while at the airport as anyone can become a potential victim. Always keep your paper close to you or somewhere you know it’s safe. 

This all isn’t just true for airplane ticket codes, but any other types of purchases that work on the same principles. Always be cautious as criminals are all around us.

If you want to learn more about this type of crime watch the video below.