Clydesdale Christmas TV Clip From 1987 Is Full Of Holiday Magic

This will certainly take you back and put you in the holiday spirit!


Nothing speaks Christmas as the companies’ commercials that remind us the most exciting and most fun-filling holiday is approaching. Even though there are those who tend to launch creative and captivating ads, there is still one which is oldie but a goldie and never fails to warm our hearts. It’s the 1987 Budweiser’s ad featuring the magnificent Clydesdales. 

These adorable and gracious creatures that are the face of the company somehow became synonymous with the holiday season throughout the years. 

This one is a real classic that will take you back into the time when life was quite different, but the Christmas euphoria remains always the same.

We hope this season you’ll have a real blast and unforgettable time with the ones you love. And as this ad says, ‘wishing you the very best!’