Thief ends up in a headlock under a biker’s arm after trying to steal from a veteran

What goes around, comes around!


They say what goes around comes around, and that is one of the reasons why we should always be kind towards everyone we meet. But not every person is kind. Some are bad, just like this awful thief who tried to steal the wallet from a veteran. But what he didn’t know is that karma would strike back right away.

The incident took place in Stafford, England and was shared by a witness named Martin Burrows who filmed the whole thing. According to him, the thief noticed the pensioner was collecting donations for the Royal British Legion and decided to get the money for himself. But things didn’t really turn as he expected because of a group of bikers who stood for the old man.

The members of the Oxleather Motorcycle Club heard a woman who witnessed the stealing scream, “Stop, thief!”

So just seconds after he mugged the poor veteran, the bikers caught the thief and held him in a headlock until police arrived.

The awful man wanted to turn things around and started screaming how he was assaulted, but all the onlookers were convinced the bikers didn’t really assault him, only tried to teach him a lesson. Thankfully, Martin had it all on tape in case the thief tried to press charges against the bikers.

Soon after, police came at the scene and arrested the thief. He really got what he deserved for stealing from the elderly veteran.