“The Dentist,” one of the most famous and most iconic sketches from “The Carol Burnett Show”

This is a classic!


Some things never get old, in fact, they only get better over time. Just like some of the shows that were huge hits years ago and made millions stay in front of the TV in anticipation for each following episode. One of them is definitely the iconic The Carol Burnett Show.

It aired for eleven seasons and attracted a huge number of fans from all over the world. Their sketches were worth numerous prestigious awards, including Golden Globes and Emmy’s.

One of the sketches that still has the power to make people laugh is the one starring Tim Conway and Harvey Korman named The Dentist.

Korman plays the patient who has an unbearable toothache and can’t wait to get the help from the dentist. But, the dentist is not there and his newly-graduated nephew welcomes him instead. The patient is hesitant whether to take the seat and let this young dentist take care of his problem, but he has no other option.

Before the young dentist starts with the procedure, he takes out the manual and checks what he has to do. This left many in stitches.

During these hard times for the society and the social distancing, a good laughter is all we need. Check out the video below.