The agony of losing a loved one when you are a child

The girl did not forget her father for a moment and always visited his grave. For 4 years she left flowers and letters at the grave, where she told him all her feelings. When she graduated high school she went to her father's grave where she had a giant surprise!


Losing a parent can be devastating for a child, especially when they are still very young and unable to understand why their mom or dad is no longer around. But you know what they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and the colleagues of a police officer who lost his life while on duty know that best.

The officer died trying to save a mother and her child from an armed man. He heard screaming coming from a nearby home and entered inside without hesitation. Sadly, it was then that he was shot multiple times and died at the scene. As a result of his bravery, the American state of Indianapolis recognized him as a hero posthumously.

Sadly, at the time of his passing, his daughter Sierra was still just a child.

She had a hard time accepting that her dad was no longer part of her life and the void broke her heart into a million pieces.

Sierra often visited her dad’s grave and laid flowers.

On the day of her graduation, years after his passing, Sierra and her boyfriend decided to stop by the graveyard before attending the college ceremony. What this young lady didn’t know was that a huge surprise awaited her at her father’s grave.

Wanting to support her on her special day, her late father’s colleagues decided to be by her side and they all waited her at the graveyard.

Sierra was thankful and her heart was filed with joy. She and the officers took a photo to commemorate the priceless occasion.

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