Teenager’s speech during adoption proceeding melts over 13 million hearts

He spoke his true feelings.


There is nothing better in this world than a foster child feeling loved and welcomed by the family they end up with. The sense of belonging with someone is priceless. What is even better is when the foster parents decide to adopt these children and prevent them from being moved form one place to another. At the end of the day, every kid out there deserves to be part of a loving family and experience a carefree childhood.

Source: Instagram/ Cozyd

Sara Cozad and Stuart Shank fostered two brothers named Dayshawn and Michael. The truth is that this couple never felt about these boys as their foster children, they loved them as though they were their own, so the logical thing was for them to adopt them.

At the time the boys were about to become official part of the family, Dayshawn was 13 and his little brother was 6.

The adoption process was pretty emotional, but no one really believed that it would reach to so many people.

Source: Instagram/ Cozyd

Namely, sweet Dayshawn’s speech was so moving that CBS News featured a short clip of the adoption. When the judge asked if the adoption should proceed, Dayshawn answered yes with a huge smile on the face. He then couldn’t help but tell everyone there how loved he and his brother were by their foster parents who were about to become their real parents.

Source: Instagram/ Cozyd

The judge then asked the boys if they were ready to commit to the adoption process to what Dayshawn said, “Yeah, I’m glad to be their son. They’re just really the best thing I’ve ever had. If I can wish anything in the world, I’d wish that I could just love these people for the rest of my life.”

Sara couldn’t contain her tears of joy as she was listening to her son explaining how happy he was with her and her husband.

Dayshawn’s speech went viral for all the right reasons.

We wish every foster child to find happiness just like Dayshawn and Michael.

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