Teenager Gets Tired Of Grandmother’s ‘Ignorant’ Facebook Posts, Publicly Shuts Her Down

Teenager gets tired of grandmother’s ‘ignorant’ Facebook posts, publicly shuts her down:


Many times, our opinions are quite different than those of our family members, especially when it comes to our grandparents who tend to stick to the old-fashioned way of perceiving things.

One grandmother spoke her mind about a recent political news that she strongly disagreed with. And as you may assume, whenever there is religion or politics involved, people have opposing views, which can easily lead to arguments that escalate very quickly.

That was the case with this grandma-granddaughter awkward Facebook conversation.

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Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar became the first Muslim women elected to Congress, so the grandma shared her opinion on the subject.

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People applauded the parents who raised such a well-spoken daughter.