Girl Asks Santa to Heal Cousin with Leukemia. Santa Leaves Burly Dad Crying

It wasn’t his daughter’s request that brought this burly man to tears. It was Santa’s response that was too much to handle.


As everyone is eagerly waiting for Christmas to arrive, the young kids are the ones who are most excited of all. They love this period because they get to meet the big old man they all love so much who is there to grant all their wishes and bring them piles of toys.

But for one little girl, Christmas and Santa mean asking for another type of gift.

Steve shared the emotional encounter between Santa and his little girl and people’s hearts are melting.

Little Tylor asked the man from Bass Pro Shop who was under the mask of Santa to help her cousin Ashley heal and be healthy again.

“This is my daughter Taylor who surprised us by telling Santa that all she wanted for Christmas was for Ashley Freihoff (her cousin) to be healed of leukemia,” Steve wrote in his post.

“Wow what a tear jerker to hear your daughter break down to the one she believes can do anything.”

It wasn’t his daughter’s request that brought this burly man to tears, though. Santa’s response was too much to handle.

“Santa then did something that was more amazing than what my daughter did,” Steve’s post continued.

“He has a hundred kids in line and I’m sure he has had kids all day begging for the toys they want him to bring.”

“ This man stops all the commotion and tells her he even as Santa does not have the power to heal but knows someone who can.

Then Santa bowed his head and prayed with my daughter for her cousin,” Steve wrote.

This can make even the toughest of guys shed a tear.

“I am a big tough guy but there I stood in my favorite store bass pro shops crying like a baby,” he added.

“Thank you Santa for showing my family and everyone there what Christmas is really about.”

Steve added:

“Please feel free to share this as I hope this amazing man sees this post and knows how much he touched my family tonight.”

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Christmas is indeed the most wonderful day of the year, but for families who are facing difficult situations, such as an illness of a family member, it can be even tougher to go through the holidays that are all about laughing and making memories for a lifetime.

We hope this family’s prayers are answered.