Son Tells Judge He Doesn’t Want Mom To Adopt Sister

When the judge asked their biological son if his parents should go through with the adoption, his response stunned the courtroom.


Oh, that bundle of joy that enters the family is always an endless source of positive energy and laughter. When the Bakers decided to adopt a little girl named Annalyn Baker, they knew their life will be even better and she will be the best little sister to their two boys.

The process was supposed to be finalized at a courtroom in Florida, Arizona where the family was eagerly waiting to meet the 4-month-old baby.

The adoption was private and the biological parents of lovely Annalyn were going through a tough time, and for some reasons they had to give their daughter away.

“Holding her for the first time didn’t feel any different. We knew she was ours,” Katie said. “They are making a sacrifice. It’s humbling to us.”

Once the process started, Judge Joseph Foster wanted to hear the boys opinion about the adoption. But what 5-year-old Hudson had to say left everyone shocked. When asked whether he wanted a sister he shook his head and said “No.”

The entire courtroom paused and then burst out in laughter. The little guy didn’t fully understand what was happening — Katie knew he didn’t really mean that.

“He’s the one who loves sissy so much,” Katie Baker said.

We are sure what happened at the courtroom will be a story worth sharing with family and friends during social and holiday gatherings and it will always put a smile on everyone’s face.

As for Annalyn, we are sure she will have an amazing life ahead with people who love her more than words can say.

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