Cafeteria Worker Earns Overtime All Year To Buy Gifts For Sick Kids

This mom was heartbroken knowing her ailing baby daughter would be stuck in the hospital for the holidays. She had no clue what to expect when the hospital cafeteria worker brought her into her room.


Nothing speaks Christmas as the selfless act of helping the less fortunate and doing our best to put a smile on their faces. A woman named Jessie Tendayi knows the feeling of making someone else’s day and she won’t trade it for anything in the world.

She works at the cafeteria of the Advocate Children’s Hospital in Chicago and this is her story.

It all started back in 2009 when Jessie felt sorry for the kids who were forced to spend Thanksgiving at the hospital, so she decided to get them some presents.

What she got as a thank you were a bunch of innocent and sincere smiles which triggered in her the wish to never stop making these kids smile.

This woman with angelic soul works overtime all year-round, picking up extra shifts and working late only to be able to afford the gifts for the little ones. She makes their every holiday a very special one.

Her house is filled with piles of toys that are perfectly wrapped and are waiting for some tiny hands to unwrap them and have the time of their life playing with them. She always lets kids pick their favorite toy.

The video below is so touching that you’ll need to grab a tissue. One grateful mom and her daughter are welcomed into Jessie’s “Toy Shop” and the reaction of the visitors is priceless.

Jessie restores our faith in humanity. We hope many people will find in her deeds an inspiration to do the same thing for those in need.