Teen Steps In To Help Motorist Stuck In The Middle Of The Road

While other drivers angrily honked and sped on by this teenager decided to pull over and check out the situation. What he found he will remember for the rest of his life . . .


16-year-old Max Greenwood’s parents have to be honored to raise a boy with such a strong moral compass who wouldn’t let another human being be in trouble without offering help.

Even though many people believe that helping others is important, when it comes to actually doing so, not many step in. It’s probably like that because things are always easier said than done.

Max was on the road one day when he noticed the vehicles in front of him trying to maneuver around a car that was parked on the side of the road.

Facebook/Mary Ann Pudelko

No one seemed to care enough to stop and check on the driver who was out of his car and visibly distressed and shaking. But Max couldn’t simply pass by someone who was in a desperate situation, so he jumped of his truck and rushed towards the man.

Max later shared his story with KREM News saying:

“A few people were honking and a couple of people passed him because they were frustrated he was stopped. I didn’t want to just honk and be a dirt bag like that.”

Seeing the brave boy taking action made two other women stop and offer help as well.

The man wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t even open his mouth to tell Max and the women what was going on. After a couple of minutes, however, he gathered the strength and tell them how his blood sugar levels were very low. One of the women offered him a can of Coke, but it didn’t really improve his condition.

Max told KREM News how he thought that calling 911 at that point was the best idea, so he did just that.

An ambulance arrived within minutes and they offered the man medical assistance.

Max was asked what made him stop and offer help, to which he said:

“It’s a person. If I was in his situation, I would want someone to help me…. I stopped because I always try and make an effort to help people on the side of the road.”

Max’s mother couldn’t be happier for what her son did. Beaming with pride, she shared her thoughts on the incident.

“You preach to your kids that you need to do the right thing, and when he did I was really proud. 

In this day and age, when a lot of kids don’t think about anyone but themselves, he stepped up and it made a difference.” 

Without Max’s quick thinking, there’s a good chance that the motorist’s blood sugar levels would’ve endangered his health.

Facebook/Mary Ann Pudelko

This story gives us hope that we can rely on the kindness of the future generations.