Teen mother is forced to give up on her child – 42 years later, she reunites with her daughter

"I have lived all my life dying for a family, not having one."


There’s no a worse feeling for a parent than to make the decision to give their child for adoption. The reasons for this could be various. Sometimes, underaged girls who end up pregnant decide to part ways with their bundle of joy either because they can’t take care for them or because of lack of support by their families.

A woman named Linda never got along with her parents. One day, she decided to leave her family’s home and live on the streets. She spent some time as a homeless person before she decided she wanted to get back home. Shirtly after, she realzied she was pregnant. This was great news. Although she was just 15 years old, she wanted that baby so badly that she promised to herself she would do her best to prove the little one with the best life possible.

Source: youtube.com/OWN

Unfortunately, her parents were strongly against the thought of Linda keeping the baby so she was forced to give her daughter Laura up for adoption. “The joyfulness of giving birth, and then the moment at which I had to walk out of the hospital without her. So I don’t want to go back and visit that,” Linda said on Oprah Winfrey show as she spoke of her daughter.

Years went by and Linda married and had a son, but the thought of her firstborn child was always present. So, one day, she decided to start looking for her. It wasn’t an easy task, but with the help of genealogist Pam Slaton, they finally believed they could reach Laura.

Source: youtube.com/OWN

It was Slaton who contacted Laura. She asked her if she was born on January 15, 1968, to what Laura said yes. Slaton then told her that she was calling on the behalf of her biological mother who wanted to reunite with her.

“I have lived all my life dying for a family, not having one,” Laura said. Her life was a hard one, and she simply couldn’t believe that she would meet her mother after four long decades.

The touching reunion took place on Oprah Show. That day, there wasn’t a dry eye at the studio. “I can’t believe I’m going to meet her. I can’t believe she actually looked for me!” Laura said.

Source: youtube.com/OWN

After so many years, Laura finally stopped asking herself the question of why her mom would leave her. She understood that Linda loved her unconditionally, and that the adoption wasn’t her idea.

This story is yet another proof that there’s nothing stronger than mother’s love because it never fades away, no matter how much time passes by.

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