Teen is about to start his performance on stage when Simon Cowell tells him to take a look at the crowd and see who is there to cheer for him

Simon had a big surprise for Reuben. He asked the teen to find his mother in the audience and then see who was sitting next to her.


Britain’s Got Talent is the show we always go back to when we are in the mood of having some fun time. Fierce competition, people with incredible inner talent for music, dancing, performing, and more, and touching life stories are just some of the things this show brings.

Over the years, we witnessed many stars being born on the stage of BGT.

Out of all the judges, Simon Cowell is considered the strictest. His comments are often brutally honest and that is the reason not everyone is fond of him. The truth is that he’s a real softie who has helped many people succeed.

One of the episodes of Britain’s Got Talent featured a young man named Reuben Gray. He was eager to take the stage and show the world how talented he was. When he introduced himself, he explained that his mom and his girlfriend were there to support him. However, when Simon asked him who he thought his biggest fan was, Reuben answered it was his dad who couldn’t be there that night because he was way too busy working.

In the next moment, Simon asked the contestant to find his mom in the audience, and that’s when Reuben’s father stood up and waived to his son. Needless to say, Reuben couldn’t believe his eyes. He was overjoyed to see his dad among the crowd.

“No, I had no idea, it totally shocked me,” Reuben later said in an interview.

It was a very touching moment. The video of it has been seen more than 22 million times. You can see it below.