Ship docks at a deserted island and a skeletal dog starts running towards it

A man was cruising the Amazon when he saw a dog stranded on a desert island and knew he had to react.


David Foster was a passenger on the boat that cruised along the Amazon River. He expected to see nice things while on board, but what he got to spot on the deserted island where the boat docked left him in complete shock.

There was a dog running towards him that resembled a skeleton. He just couldn’t believe his eyes as there was no way for a dog to be able to end up there, unless it was left on purpose, probably to die. 

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He didn’t hesitate even a bit before taking the poor creature on the boat. The animal was quiet and friendly and ate some of the food David had to offer. 

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This kind man was determined to get the dog home with him despite some of the passenger didn’t like it on the boat. 

At one moment, David could hear the engines and that’s when he realized that Negrita ran away. He pleaded the boat owner to help him get her back, and he agreed. Luckily, he found her waiting at the shore. 

As they continued their trip and got to on the main cites of the river, David got out looking for someone who could take care of the dog for a while. Luckily, he stumbled upon a woman who could speak English and asked her whether she could keep the dog until he gets back to take her with him. After hearing the incredible rescue story, the woman said yes, and David now had to find a way to return and get Negrita to her new home. 

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It took David five months to arrange a trip to where he left his dog. But once with him, Negrita was completely transformed and didn’t resemble the starved animal any longer. 

Negrita is now happy and gets to spend her days surrounded by people who love her to the moon and back. She definitely loves Northern Ireland way more than that secluded place. 

Thanks to people like David, this world is a better place for our furry palls. 

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