When dogs find themselves at shelters it is totally understandable for them to feel scared and confused. Many of them were leading harsh life on the streets, while the rest were someone’s pets and had something to consider home. But now, they are surrounded by people they’ve never met before and a bunch of other dogs they share their fate with. 

Edie was one of those dogs that ended up at a shelter. Because she was terrified and puzzled, no one really wanted to adopt her, so she was eventually set up to be put down. Luckily for her, just an hour before her euthanasia was about to take place someone came along and saved her. 

With the help of Hope for Paws, Edie found a new owner and turned into a vibrant and a loving dog. 


The moment Edie realized all those people that surrounded her were there to give her a second chance for a better life, she felt relieved. 

Shelters are scary places for these sweet souls, that’s why potential adopters should never overlook terrified dogs not willing to wag their tail. They are just too confused to be able to do anything. 

We hope many other canines would end up in loving families just like Edie did.