Suspected tornado damages veteran’s home at the same time he took his wife off life support

This brings tears to my eyes.


The severe weather that swept through the southern parts of the country claimed the lives of at least two people and left many injured. Properties were torn down and families were left without a roof over their head.

One of the people who lost their houses when the tornado struck is a veteran named Frank Senn. His property in Elmore County, Alabama, was damaged, but that wasn’t the biggest loss he suffered that day. Unfortunately, Frank experienced an incredible heartbreak as he was forced to say the final goodbye to his beloved wife of 40 years, Glenda.

Around the time the tornado hit, Frank was at the hospital where he made the toughest decision in his life, to take Glenda off life support.

A few days before his entire life turned upside down, Glenda fell down the stairs and broke her neck. She was rushed to the hospital where doctors did all in their power to safe her life, but there was nothing that could be done.

“The doctor came in today and said there was nothing else they could do and took her off of life support,” heartbroken Frank shared with WSFA. “They are going to put her in a room until she passes away,” he told Fox 19. “They are going to keep her comfortable.”

During his time of grief, Frank has the support of his family, his neighbors, and the entire community, who gathered together to clear up his property. “The love and outpouring of support that’s come out to help my father and our ranch farm has been amazing,” Jon Senn, Frank’s son, said.

We are so very sad for this man’s loss. Our hearts go out to him during this difficult times.