Stray dog chases down car of people on vacation who give her forever home

She chased just the right people.


The best things in life usually come in the most unexpected manner.

A couple from Italy, Martina Russo and Fil, were on the road and driving through Spain’s countryside when they saw a tiny dog running after their vehicle. They found it fun at first because they thought the sweet canine was playing but they soon realized that the reason behind the running was in fact a heartbreaking one.

As the dog was trying to get to the couple, they decided to pull over. They took the dog in their arms and believed it was lost, but as no one was around and there weren’t any houses nearby, they assumed it was either lost or someone abandoned it.

“We… took her to the nearest village to ask if someone had lost her, but no one had ever seen her before,” Martina wrote on Instagram. “We are in the middle of nowhere, no houses or other human life in a long range.

“On the way back we put her back where we found her, thinking she might know to walk back, but she followed us again until we got to the van.”

Martina posted photos of the dog on social media asking if someone was looking for her. A few weeks passed by and no one came forward so they decided to adopt her.

“We took her to the vet the next day, and turns out she was not chipped, not spayed, female, about one-year-old, fur very overgrown and full of gunk around the eyes,” Martina told SWNS.

They named her Moxie and gave her a loving home.

“She’s very sweet and funny, very playful, loves our cats — to be fair, she loves everything and everyone!” Martina said. “We love taking her on adventures, and she makes us laugh every day.

“Every day is a new adventure for Moxie now.”

It looks like Moxie was great at choosing which car to chase down. Is it possible that she new those people could become her owners? Well, who knows. The most important thing is that she now has a home.