Stepdad sold his 12-year-old stepdaughter to 70 truck drivers for five euros and a pack of cigarettes

The evil stepdad claimed he pimped out his underage stepdaughter "to make her confident about her own body."


A man from the German city of Schweinfurt has been arrested on suspicion of selling his 12-year-old step-daughter to truck drivers for five euros and a pack of cigarettes.

The story of the girl who was subjected to horrible emotional and sexual abuse angered millions who heard of her ordeal.

The evil stepfather, Thomas S, 49, was reported to have sold his stepdaughter to over 70 people. He would take her at motorway service stations and offer her to truckers claiming he was doing that “to make her confident about her own body.” He was arrested after one of the truck drivers Thomas approached and offered his stepdaughter to called the police and reported him, as per The Sun.

At the time of his arrest, Thomas and the girl were inside an Audi at a motorway station.

According to witnesses, the girl was abused by a Romanian truck driver named Hartmut N three days prior to Thomas’ arrest. Allegedly, Thomas filmed the assault on his iPhone and used the video to incriminate Hartmut N who is now also in custody and awaiting a separate trial, as reported by The Sun.

Investigation revealed that the girl was violated 72 times, details of which were read in court. The prosecutor revealed that the girl’s mother, Brigitte, 39, who was given custody of her daughter from the girl’s biological father at a family court in Bad Kissingen, was well aware of everything that was going on.

According to The Sun, Prosecutor Gabriel Seuffert said in court that Brigitte and Thomas also abused the girl and forced her to walk naked around the house “in order to have fun exploring her own body in the future.”

Thomas pleaded guilty. He didn’t even try defending himself, and even if he did, everything spoke against him, including the videos of the cases of abuse and the naked photos of his stepdaughter.

The girl is currently placed in an orphanage and is getting treatments which would hopefully help her overcome the trauma she was forced to suffer. As for the wrongdoers, we hope they rot in jail.