Emaciated dog sleeping on a pile of tiles undergoes the sweetest transformation

Arnia is making up for her lost puppyhood.


Those people who dedicate a great deal of their time and life to saving animals in need of help and changing their lives for the better deserve special place in Heaven.

The staff at one of the best animal rescue organizations there are, Howl of a Dog, are those types of people who would go to great lengths to rescue as many homeless and vulnerable animals as possible. The video of one of their latest rescue missions is so touching that we can’t help but shed tears of joy for the sweet dog named Arnia who was given a new lease on life.

Arnia and her friends were forced to fend for themselves and lived in the yard of a rundown garage. The day they were rescued was a cold one, and the four dogs were found lying on a pile of tiles.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/ Howl of a Dog

Arnia’s health condition was very bad. She was emaciated, anemic and dehydrated, and was diagnosed with muscular spasms and giardiasis. She weighted only 13 pounds, which is half the normal weight of a canine her size.

After her rescue, Arnia, whose name means ‘as strong as an eagle,’ got a bath and was given food.

It only took one month for this gentle and beautiful dog to undergo an incredible transformation. She got used to be around other dogs and is now happier than she could ever be.

Although Arnia is in Romania, she can be adopted internationally. If you want to learn more about her story and the rescue organization check out the video below.